The Team Who's behind it

T he Meteoriks are made possible by people active in the demoscene as well as demoscene enthusiasts. The current team you see on this page is by no means complete and we will add more people as we move closer to the ceremony.

The Meteoriks Team of 2015

Main organizer

Reza 'D.Fox' Esmaili

Project lead

Peter 'Franky' Smets



Head of Jury

Urs 'urs' Ganse

Video editing

Andry 'unlock' Joos
Dylan 'numtek' Hallegraeff


Frank 'netpoet' Stiegler
Anders 'dwarf' Vinderslev


High End Demo: fizzer, Quisten and v3nom
High End Intro: gizmo, Hellfire and rez
High End Graphics: H2o and Metoikos
High End Soundtrack: Romeo Knight, Saga Musix and wullon
Low End Demo: Hellfire, Menace and visy
Low End Intro: Kylearan, Shadow and visy
Low End Graphics: m0dmate, Paul Debevec and Sir Garbagetruck
Low End Soundtrack: h0ffman, ne7 and response
New Talent: Metoikos, Sir Garbagetruck and wullon
Special categories: All of The Meteoriks 2015 jurors
Public Choice: The torch-and-pitchfork-wielding pouë vandals

Trophy design

The trophies are designed by the talented Ollie 'cosmic' Borgardts of Higher Lyrics.


Many people helped during the concept phase of the Meteoriks.

dvs, cryptic, gargaj, glittermouse, las, madame, ne7, rc55, truck, velo

Partners and Supporters This wouldn't be possible without them