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T he Meteoriks are very young and you're probably full of questions. Hopefully you'll find some answers here. If you don't, please write us so we can try to clear things up. If your question is of interest to everybody, we'll add it here.

  • The Meteoriks are named after the deceased Giles 'Meteorik/Meaty' Constant to honor his dedication to the demoscene and the inspiration he was to others within the community.

  • It's hard to please everybody while trying to keep the workload, timeframe and budget balanced somehow. The categories we chose are fix for now but that doesn't mean that they will be in the future. We're open to suggestions in case we decide to do this again next year.

    If you feel that there was something fundamentally great that doesn't fit in any of the existing ones, consider submitting the production in one of our special categories.

  • The Meteoriks are built on the same principles as the Awards but are not an official successor.

    With the discontinuation of the Awards the demoscene was left with a void that needed to be filled. Our aim is to do exactly that and continue the great work that they were doing for ten years.

  • Out of all public submissions for the special categories, all jurors will select the best ideas and most deserving winners.

  • We'll try to keep the workload manageable for every jury member. A list of duties can be found here.

  • Anything with a CPU that has a 16 bit or smaller data bus and Amiga AGA machines and comparable architectures. See also here.

  • Yes

  • Reducing the workload of each juror is a big concern since it takes a lot of time watching and re-watching all productions to be able to select a deserving winner. By limiting the responsibilities of each juror to a smaller amount of work we increase the chance of having a happy jury and also getting more willing applicants.

  • No need to be shy! You probably were brave enough to hand it in at a demoparty last year, didn't you? So man up, be confident about your work and submit it already. Nobody will laugh - promised!

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